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Sociologist who studies Fear

Manufacturing Fear

Contributed Articles

I found love in a haunted place
Salon • October 2017

My Philadelphia Ghost Story
New York Times Op Ed • October 2015

The Terror of Yurei
Slate October 2015

Why We Love to Be Scared
Psychology Today October 2015

Fear Factor
New York Post October 2015

Black Friday Fears
Salon November 2015

The Science of Fear
Funworld Magazine •  May 2015

Interviews and Reviews

“Why We’re Living in the Age of Fear”
Rolling Stone • October 2016

“A Scaredy-Cats Investigation Into Why People Enjoy Fear”
New York Times • October 2016

“Forget ghosts or zombies — nothing is scarier than what’s in your own mind”
Washington Post • October 2015

“The Fright Stuff”
Wall Street Journal • October 2015

“She Knows Why You Scream”
Psychology Today • Fall 2015

“Sociologist who studies fear at Halloween attraction explains it all in book called SCREAM”
Associated Press • October 2015

“What’s the ethical limit of a boundary pushing haunted house?”
Jezebel • October 2015

ABC News • October 2015

“Why People Pay to Feel Scared”
The Atlantic • October 2015

“It’s no puzzle why escape room adventures are so popular”
Washington Post •  January 2015

“What are you afraid of?”
Parade Magazine • January 2015

“A Haunted House Turned Scientists’ Lab”
NPR Science Friday • October 2014

“Is Scaring Myself Healthy?” • October 29th

“This is why we love to scare ourselves silly”
Huffington Post • October 2014

 “Most Extreme Haunted Houses”
Fox News • October 10, 2014

“Fear and haunted houses in Japan”
Rocket News  •  April, 2014

“Secrets of Americas Scariest Haunted Houses”
CBS News  •  Oct. 31, 2013

“Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?”
The Atlantic  •  Oct. 31, 2013

“Your Body on: Fright”
Men’s Health  •  Oct. 31, 2013

“Why do some brains enjoy fear?”
MSN News  •  Oct. 31, 2013

“Why do we like to be scared, for the fun of it?”
SCOPE by Stanford Medicine  •  Oct. 31, 2013

“A history of fright: Why we love haunted houses”
HLN TV  •  Oct. 22, 2013

“Scary Clowns, Creepy Dolls & Haunted Houses – Why We Love Fear: Margee Kerr Guest Vlog”
Geek & Sundry  •  Oct. 15, 2013

“A visit to the Scarehouse—and its creepy, adults-only basement”
BOING BOING  •  Oct. 8, 2013

“The Science of Fear: An Interview With “Scare Expert” Margee Kerr”
The Hairpin  •  Sept. 19, 2012