“Sewn Into You” Adventures at the Masquerade

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Last week I had the pleasure of being part of one of the most entertaining parties on the east coast—The Masquerade presented by Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site in Philadelphia. The first time I attended the Masquerade was in 2013—you can get an inside look and listen to that on the ScareHouse Podcast, watch the video below from 2014, and for a full gallery of photos from this years event check out TBTW’s Facebook Album.   Amy, the Creative Director for TBTW and so much more, puts together the Masquerade every year. Working with the talented crew and characters at ESP they create an evening filled with intrigue, food, drink, dancing and lots of mystery. Throughout the night the party moves around the massive prison; cell blocks are opened and closed, performance artists (like ArcheDream for HUMANKIND) appear out of no where and play out beautiful and mesmerizing scenes, and if

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Adventures at Eastern State Pen

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I spent this past weekend in Philadelphia, PA at Eastern State Penitentiary. This was actually the second time I visited, the first time was last year when I went out to experience their Masquerade.  You can listen to a podcast on that here: Party at the Pen. It really is the annual do-not-miss Philly party and it’s happening again this Saturday (sorry tickets are obviously already sold out). My visit this time was under very different circumstances and for very different reasons. First, I wanted to find out more about ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. While not exactly in the same category as rollercoasters, scary movies, or haunted houses it is a form of engagement with ‘scary’ material and I wanted to learn more about how and why people go about it. It obviously holds a lot of mass appeal in the US–some of the most popular reality TV shows are based on ghost hunting (see

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