Bogota- Zombies, Ghosts and Coffee

3 years ago 2

When I went to Japan last month I blogged and posted everyday about my various adventures and activities.  I’m in Bogota now and I’ve been here since Saturday and I’ve been writing a ton, but for some reason I haven’t felt like it’s anything I can share..yet.  I’ve learned so much and quite honestly I’m overwhelmed and just starting to make sense of everything. Before I get into some of the heavier stuff and Big Questions I want to mention the AMAZING interviews I’ve had with some key folks who know about fear in Bogota. First on Monday I met with Rodrigo Duarte  who is the director of the Zinema Zombiefest. He and the festival are dedicated to bringing independent horror films to the people—not just in Colombia. He travels internationally working with other film festivals, film makers, and producers to provide a venue to show great independent work. Evolving out

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