Adventures in Bogota–Part II

3 years ago 1

I’m heading home today from Bogota, Colombia and feeling all kinds of emotions (I actually wrote this yesterday on the home but was not able to post it because Newark Airport is the worst). This has really been an amazing trip and I’m sad to go home. Waiting in the airport for my flight to board is always the hardest part. You’re not quite home but those pesky to-do items are starting to creep their way back into the forefront of your mind (like I don’t know, prepping for summer classes which start tomorrow, yes tomorrow..and grades that are due for Spring by 9am). Yay. But I’m not home yet. So I left off on Wednesday after spending the day exploring ‘haunted’ La Candearia and talking to an anthropologist with expertise in all things phantom in Bogota.  Thursday was a holiday in Colombia (and most of the industrialized world—it’s International

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