“Her Things”–Get into interactive theater

3 years ago 0

  Last night I went to “Her Things: An Interactive Estate Sale”  (Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers about Mrs. Willa here). It was such a great time! Ayne Terceira, who built this interactive immersive piece really created a special experience  (you can listen to a podcast with Ayne here). The nights events really made me think.  I’m no stranger to immersive theater, I’ve been to “Sleep No More”  in New York City twice, and explored my iconsciousness at the enlightening, confusing, and fun  STRATA (btw Ayne was  a cast member in STRATA) which was put on by Bricologe here in Pittsburgh a few years ago. I love it, I love the interaction and the surreal feel of these theatrical experiences. They have been a big influence on the creation of the ScareHouse Basement (and yes Ayne was the FIRST cast member in the Basement two years ago when it was called ScareHouse

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