Let’s all jump out of a plane.

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Well folks I did it, I finally fulfilled a lifelong dream to jump out of a plane (BTW and I’ve edited this post down from like ten pages so those of you who said I write too much, note taken, more for the book!) I’ve noticed people have one of two reactions when you tell them you’re going skydiving. They either say “oh wow that’s so cool! I want to do that too!” or “You’re crazy, I would never do that, it’s too scary.”  Then of course there is the third reaction reserved for closed loved ones of “I’m scared for you. Don’t die.” But that third reaction usually follows one of the two initial responses. Skydiving is incredibly safe (as long as you’re working through professionals of course). There were 3.2 million jumps last year and 24 fatalities. That’s about  .00075 fatalities per 1,000 jumps, and for tandem jumps

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Welcome to My Adventures

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Hello Everyone! The first thing people always ask when I tell them I study fear is ‘why’? So, I’m going to do my best to sum it up. I love to be scared. I love the anticipation and suspense. I love the adrenaline and excitement. I know I’m not alone in this love. But I am curious about it–why do people like to be scared (while some loath it)? Why do I like to be scared? And really, what is fear? I’m about to find out first hand. I also love to study. I believe life is about exploration and adventure, about asking questions and constantly seeking answers. I’ve been studying fear for a long time now; reading every historical, sociological, psychological, cultural, biological, and neurological article I could find on the topic. The more I read the more curious I became so I started collecting data from people who

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