It’s Colombia, not Columbia. Part III

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Picking up from where I left off yesterday after leaving Salitre Magico I made my way to Monserrate. Monserrate is home to the shrine “El Señor Caído” inside a small church, which as far as churches go wasn’t incredibly astounding, but it didn’t need to be because the real reason for making the trek up the mountain is for the view. I was shocked to learn that only half of Bogota is visible from the mountain (which is over 3,000 meters above sea level), that means *only* 4.5 million people. I stood on the porch of the church for a good hour just starring, taking in the site and contemplating life. Whenever I’m in spaces like that I feel like I move out of myself and my small world to see the bigger picture (thank you C. Wright Mills and the sociological imagination). I think about the history of the people

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Welcome to My Adventures

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Hello Everyone! The first thing people always ask when I tell them I study fear is ‘why’? So, I’m going to do my best to sum it up. I love to be scared. I love the anticipation and suspense. I love the adrenaline and excitement. I know I’m not alone in this love. But I am curious about it–why do people like to be scared (while some loath it)? Why do I like to be scared? And really, what is fear? I’m about to find out first hand. I also love to study. I believe life is about exploration and adventure, about asking questions and constantly seeking answers. I’ve been studying fear for a long time now; reading every historical, sociological, psychological, cultural, biological, and neurological article I could find on the topic. The more I read the more curious I became so I started collecting data from people who

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